Proven Track Record

sapx is part of a unique network created by Singer Vielle, a London based real estate agency, which embraced online marketing as early as 2006.  Having recognised very early the power of a highly technological approach to property marketing, a leading position has been firmly established.


The first investment property marketed with an online presentation was a Porsche car showroom investment in Silverstone, home of British motor sport, on behalf of LaSalle Investment Management.  This revolutionary approach provided video and extensive photography of the property to maximise engagement with the market. 

By the end of 2006, the Singer Vielle model had become firmly established with properties from all sectors having been successfully marketed and sold.  

In the following years, clients benefitted from our market-leading presentations within all sectors.


January 2009 saw Singer Vielle sell an investment in Bath on behalf of an institutional client, following the financial crash.  Having created a high online presence, the high depth of interest from UK and overseas investors was the inspiration to create the clicktopurchase® platform. 

clicktopurchase® was developed and launched in 2009 providing a unique platform for the online legal purchase of a property in the UK.  The technology was developed to provide speed, certainty, accountability and transparency. 

In November 2009, a restaurant investment in Faversham, England became the first property to be purchased online, marketed by Singer Vielle and executed using clicktopurchase®.


A long track record has since been created by the Network in marketing with the option available for an online legal exchange. clicktopurchase® has been used by the Network in all sectors of the market: offices, industrial, retail, leisure, restuarant.  There is no similar platform available elsewhere.

In 2017 the clicktopurchase® platform started to offer Blockchain technology. 

The first property to be marketed by the Network and executed online, utilising the benefits of Blockchain technology, was Dorothy House, Trowbridge.


Being world-first in using Blockchain as part of the sales process, Singer Vielle gained significant press attention.  Our business remains unique in having established a long track record of using Blockchain, delivering a level of trust and security unavailable elsewhere.

As the Network's marketing platform has developed, international purchasers have acquired properties from locations such as :  Portugal, USA, Cyprus, Israel, UAE, South Africa, Monaco, Greece and Australia


Our clients include institutional investors, banks, receivers, property company, overseas investors and high net worth individuals.

Our marketing and technology are available in the UK and Ireland. 

In 2021, our track record is being brought to South Africa with the launch of SAPX.