How We Market

About us

sapx has partnered with Singer Vielle, a UK based technology-focused agency, to create The South Africa Property Exchange.

As a result, sapx uniquely offers a market-leading understanding of online sales and technology to deliver the highest quality property sales service for commercial property investments.

The unique and modern approach delivers significant and proven advantages over the traditional methods.

  • Unrivalled quality of presentations

  • Group depth of marketing

  • Speed to market

  • Cost-efficient marketing


Our modern marketing approach

We fully embrace the power of social media to assist in expanding our marketing reach.  Every property we market is shared on the following platforms

Our marketing emails are read worldwide

Through our network, we are able to access both a South African and international audience. We provide an established understanding of the most effective methods to raise awareness of investment opportunities.

Mobile Responsive

Our website is fully mobile responsive, enabling investors to engage when on the move.


Youtube Channel

We are creating an online channel where you will be able to view video presentations of properties we are marketing. We will also be providing informative discussions which you will be able to watch at anytime.

On-screen engagement

We enhance engagement with buyers on-screen by:

  • Pop Up Notifications

  • Live Chat Interactions


Client Dashboard

Clients are able to track the effectiveness of our marketing at the SAPX Client Dashboard.


Our network has been pioneering users of the clicktopurchase® platform which enables property sales to be progressed digitally, fast and efficiently, removing the traditional delays associated with property transactions. 

clicktopurchase® in the first platform worldwide to record live property transactional data in an immutable Blockchain ledger. 

SAPX has exclusive rights to use clicktopurchase® in South Africa following its forthcoming launch.


International Network

Our unique international network will provide an additional level of marketing whereby SAPX can provide interaction with our international partners’ online presence, thereby offering another opportunity to identify a wide range of investors.

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